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If we define PAN, it is Permanent Account Number. A 10 digit alphanumeric code, first 5 alphabets, 4 numbers and one alphabet at last (like AAAPC9999P).

PAN card is a visiting card size rectangular plastic card that you can easily hold in your wallet. It is generally Blue in color and have the hologram of Government of India.

PAN card show Name, Father's Name, Date of birth and PAN of an Individual applicant. It also contains Photo and signature of individual.

Yes, Company PAN cardshows only Name, Date of Incorporation and PAN card number of the company. It does not contain any photo or signature.

Yes, you can apply for duplicate PAN card. PAN number will remain same. Other Information can be changed/ updated, if required.

All you have to do is to fill an online form on our website and follow simple steps. Your PAN card will be delivered to your address directly by the Government of India. You can Click here for process and details.

You will be given coupon number for your application. You can check status of your PAN card online.Click here to check status.

Yes, Government of India will directly send PAN card to your address.

PAN number will be allotted to you in 7-8 working days and card will be delivered to you in 10-15 working days. We can’t guarantee exact time as this is completely a Government process.

Yes, Government of India will give you PAN card number before mailing physical card to you.

Click here to check the list of documents required for PAN card Application.